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Spring? or not so much......

Posted by Lewis White on

I'd like to say spring is here but I'm not convinced.  85 degrees on day then 30 that night.  The trees are trying but they may regret blooming so early. Fingers crossed this pear can hold on through the up & down temps.  Sure would like to see some fruit this year.  To tell the honest truth, we have tried to garden for years.  Our success rate has been......not so great.  Mrs. W, never one to give up, has declared this is the year we WILL grow food!  Well....,at least one of us has faith in this endeavor and, in furtherance of same, we have added some new vegetable beds this year. One of them is oversized in the hopes that a corn crop will grow abundantly in all the extra room.  Mrs. W. keeps telling me "if you builld them, they will come".  But.....I thought that only applied to baseball spectators?  The green house is full of blackberry canes and trays of vegetable sprouts. Another amazing farm moment for me because I grew up where food came from cans and only from cans.  Under the category of all things wool related, it's almost shearing time again.  We've already begun packaging for Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival in May.  Every year we try to get an early start and every year we find we didn't start early enough!  Hopefully we will have plenty of stock and some surprises for the festival visitors this year.

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