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Thoughts about rain and summer trivia....

Posted by Lewis White on

Rain.  Seems like in the last 10 years or so that you either get way too much (thoughts and prayers to Texas and West Virginia) or none at all.  Right now, we are in the none at all category.  Pastures are burning up and the water bill is climbing.  Luckily at this point we are not included in the latest water contamination scare but it's too close for our comfort.  We have contemplated a water purification system off and on for years but it seems like we need to give some hard thought to it and quickly.  Trouble is that you can't really be sure all these chemical and pharmaceutical contaminants are being filtered.  There really just isn't enough research.  Wells have been a big scary no-no here since the mid 1970's so we make due with public water and hope a filter option presents itself.  About a month ago, we brought 3 little Romney Border Leicester cross girls home.  When you haven't had lambs for a while, you tend to forget how much trouble they can get into....and also how much fun they can be. When the Mrs went out for chores this morning, all three had decided that life was better in the big boy field.  I guess it was that skunk that wandered through last.  Goodness knows he got our attention inside the house! Tiny the Belgian wasn't thrilled (either that or the skunk got the hay bale he was eating) but Stinky the Percheron thinks the lambs are his best friends.  This is odd as he has never given two hoots about the sheep. In an earlier blog post, I had pics of all the pear blooms. Here is the result....small but plentiful.   The garden has been more miss than hit this year.  Definitely need to work on the soil this winter.  Squash plant gone wild. The opposite of that would be green beans gone no where. Our spring chicks are doing well even with the heat.  Two more weeks and they will be old enough to go into the coop.  Since this is our first year with chickens and we have no older hens, we are keeping them up a little longer than usual. We have an assortment of Welsummers, Dominiques, Black Copper, Silver Cuckoo and Blue Copper Marans, Cream Legbars and a couple of Easter Eggers. This EE is an especially pretty girl. She's almost lavender in color. Just wish she didn't poop off the side of the box so much!

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